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RS PRO Male USB A to Female USB A USB Cable, 0.5m, USB 2.0 A


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Product Details

RS PRO USB Extension Cable

The RS PRO 0.5m USB version 2.0 A male to A female cable has a black PVC jacket and connector hoods. The cable flex has copper wire conductors and drain wire, with an aluminium braid, foil shielding and has an outer diameter of 4mm. The connectors are nickel and have a strain relief to help avoid the cable splitting around the edge of the boot. USB A male to A female cables are used to extend shorter cables when extra length is needed. The A male connector plugs into the A female socket on the PC, the A male connector on the cable that needs extending plugs into the female connector on the extension cable.

Features and Benefits

• 0.25mm copper drain wire
• PE+PVC insulation material


• REACH compliant
• CE certified