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RS PRO Male USB A to Male Micro USB B USB Cable, 1m, USB 2.0


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Product Details

RS PRO male USB A to male micro USB B USB cable

From RS PRO, comes a high-quality male USB A to male micro USB B USB cable. Constructed to industry standards, this USB has been designed to link devices such as cameras and mobile phones to computers making it a fantastic solution.

Features and benefits

Cable flex has copper wire conductors and drain wire
Outer diameter of 4mm
Length of 1m
Connectors and pins are made from nickel and have a PVC hood
No additional adapter is required as one end of the cable is USB A and the other end is Micro USB B


These USB to micro USB cables are compatible with many portable applications such as;

    • Gaming controllers


    • Cameras


    • Mobile phones


    • Portable hard drives


  • Cameras

What is the advantage of micro USB?

Micro-USB connectors are smaller than standard USB connectors which allows for space-saving advantages and have up to 10,000 life and strength in its plug.

Why choose RS PRO?

RS PRO is our own brand of high-quality products whilst bringing you great value for money. Our wide range of products have been engineered to meet high industry standards, so you are ensured reliable and robust solutions.